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What Happened to Grace & Little Gracie?What Happened to Grace & Little Gracie?




If you possibly can, imagine not knowing for thirty nine years where your only sister is! Additionally, you have no idea where your only niece is because she 'disappeared' and 'vanished' with her mother, both of them supposedly "voluntarily"...(I think NOT, but rather as victims of foul play!)

For thirty five years, with the assistance of the Vermont State Police, I have diligently attempted to learn exactly what happened to my sister, Grace Canto Reapp, as well as my niece, Gracie Noel Reapp, on June 6, 1978. A mother and her five-year-old daughter simply do NOT vanish into thin air, never to be seen or heard from again! There is someone, somewhere, who knows something to help bring closure to this case and assist us in learning the details of "What Happened To Grace & Little Gracie".

Please, please, please...I beg you...if you know anything about Grace, little Gracie, or the whereabouts of Michael Reapp, contact Juliana... or Detective Sgt Ben Catz of the Vermont State Police. All leads will be carefully checked and your identity will remain anonymous.

What can YOU do to help solve this case? Please forward this URL by email to your friends, family, and Internet contacts. If you have a web site, please take the following graphic and place it on your page with a link to this page or to The Vermont State Police page.



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