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AUGUST 15, 1965 - Michael E. Reapp, 20, and Grace Marie Canto, 19, are married in Stonington, CT. They move to Vermont about ten years later.

MARCH 12, 1967 - Brian Michael Reapp is born in Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

AUGUST 6, 1970 - Patrick Reapp is born in New London, CT.

FEBRUARY 10, 1973 - Grace Noel Reapp (Little Gracie) is born in New London, CT., the third and last of their three children.

NOVEMBER 15, 1977 - Michael Reapp disappears, leaving a note that he is going to work undercover for the C.I.A. and he also gives his wife, Grace, power of attorney. He calls her a week later, crying and wanting to come home. Grace takes him back...they tell him at work that he has to get counseling if he wants to continue working as an air traffic controller.

MAY, 1978 - Grace Reapp's mother visits the Reapps' Jericho home on Memorial Day weekend. She brings back gifts for Grace's sister, Juliana C. Woodworth.

JUNE 6, 1978 - Grace Reapp, 32, and her daughter, Gracie Reapp, 5, disappear from their Jericho home leaving a note that they do not plan to return. Her sons, Brian, 11, and Patrick, 8, were at Jericho Elementary School at the time of their disappearance.

JUNE 11, 1978 - Michael Reapp reports his wife and daughter missing to Vermont State Police, after his sister-in-law, Juliana C. Woodworth, calls to speak with her sister and he tells her that Grace is not there.

JUNE 16, 1978 - Ten days after his wife and daughter's disappearance, Michael Reapp files for divorce from Grace on grounds of desertion and "intolerable severity."

AUGUST, 1978 - Juliana C. Woodworth, Grace Reapp's sister, puts an ad in the classified section of the Burlington Free Press..."Grace, call your sister Julie".

AUGUST, 1978 - The Burlington Free Press refuses to run photos of the two missing people because the Vermont State Police decline to say that the disappearances are suspicious.

SEPTEMBER, 1978 - Juliana C. Woodworth distributes missing persons' fliers in Vermont and surrounding states as well as the Canadian border.

APRIL, 1979 - Woodworth turns to U. S. Representative Christopher Dodd as well as the Social Security Administration in an attempt to trace Grace Reapp's whereabouts. Social Security advises they have no records indicating Grace's employment.

JULY 10, 1979 - Michael Reapp's divorce petition from Grace is final.

OCTOBER, 1979 - Michael Reapp seeks a town building permit to close in the garage under his house and to add a new garage. The old garage is converted into living quarters.

NOVEMBER 24, 1979 - Michael Reapp marries Donna Roussin, 26, of Jericho, who had been his sons' babysitter.

1980 - Juliana C. Woodworth and her family travel to Vermont to interview neighbors, the mailman, friends and anyone who knew Grace Reapp, hoping someone can help her in her search for her sister, Grace, and her niece, little Gracie.

1981 - Michael Reapp loses his job as an air traffic controller at the Burlington International Airport, following a nationwide strike.

NOVEMBER, 1982 - Juliana Woodworth joins the Groton Town (CT) Police Department as a dispatcher. During the next three years, she uses her spare time to try to trace her sister and niece and reads bulletins about unidentified found bodies.

MAY, 1983 - Michael and Donna Reapp sell their Jericho home and move to Florida.

1985 - Michael Reapp and his second wife, Donna, are divorced.

1986 - The remains of a woman and child are found in a state park in Allenstown, N.H. Juliana Woodworth forward Grace's dental records to authorities, but they do not match. Woodworth, who has transferred to the Groton Public Works Department, had been told about the case by a Groton Town Police Sergeant.

SUMMER, 1987 - The Vermont State Police ask Grace Reapp's sister for permission to reopen the missing persons' case. They subsequently conduct a search on the former Reapp homestead.

1988 - The Vermont State Police do an exterior search of the former Reapp Homestead.

NOVEMBER, 1989 - Juliana Woodworth meets her nephew, Brian Reapp, in Florida, to explain what she knows about her sister and her niece's disappearances. It is a tearful meeting for them.

MAY 26, 1996 - In Germany, Patrick Reapp dies at the age of 25 years old from complications due to the flu.

SEPTEMBER, 1996 - Vermont State Police detectives visit Florida to re-interview Michael Reapp. He is NOT told that the police plan to dig under the old garage, which had been renovated into living space.

SEPTEMBER 27, 1996 - Juliana C. Woodworth meets with prosecutors and investigators to get assurances that they are giving the case proper attention.

OCTOBER 21, 1996 - The F.B.I. Evidence Response Team, Vermont State Police, four cadaver dogs and others converge on the former Reapp residence in Jericho to do a search under the house and the surrounding ten-acre parcel.

OCTOBER 22, 1996 - Michael Reapp is contacted in Florida by WPTZ-TV and tells them the digging surprises him. He further states that his wife and child left voluntarily and he always expected that his daughter would make contact again.

OCTOBER 23, 1996 - The Vermont State Police contact Juliana C. Woodworth, notifying her they did not find anything.

OCTOBER 26, 1996 - Michael Reapp leaves his Jupiter, Florida home with a toothbrush and his cigarettes in his 1994 gray Isuzu pickup truck with Florida plate JJZ55G. His third wife, also named Donna, files no police report.

NOVEMBER 13, 1996 - Brian Reapp reports his father missing to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department (Case #96149532), located in West Palm Beach, FL. Investigators trace Michael to New Orleans a couple of days after he left his Jupiter home.

DECEMBER 3, 1996 - To date, there has been no trace of Michael Reapp.

DECEMBER 4, 1996 - Michael Reapp's pickup truck is found abandoned at the New Orleans Airport...however, there is still no sign of Michael Reapp.

JANUARY 13, 1997 - At 4:45 p.m., Juliana Woodworth receives a telephone call from Michael's wife, Donna Lee. Juliana said "Hello" and Donna said, "I'm sorry...I have the wrong number" and hung up.

FEBRUARY 8, 1997 - Michael Reapp's mother, Mrs. Jesse Waugh, of Ohio, calls Juliana Woodworth, inquiring if there are any new developments in the case because no one has contacted her. She further states she has not heard from her son, Michael. She also says that she feels Michael could not have murdered his wife or daughter. Juliana Woodworth is uncertain if Mrs. Waugh was calling out of sincere concern or if perhaps Michael had encouraged her to make the call.

AUGUST 2, 1997 - The Woodworth's flew Brian Reapp from Florida to Burlington, Vermont, where the Woodworth's had driven from Connecticut to meet him at the airport. They spent two days there, going over the Reapp property with Brian, hoping something might click in his mind. They also met with the State Police.

AUGUST 5, 1997 - Juliana Woodworth's attorney, Karen Borgstrom, arranges to have Brian Reapp hypnotized to see if he would reveal anything that might help the case.

NOVEMBER 19, 1997 - Juliana Woodworth forwards a petition to the court to issue death certificates for Grace and little Gracie. She further hopes that Dr. Miller will release information he has in his possession, ultimately resulting in a warrant for Michael Reapp's arrest.

DECEMBER 12, 1997 - Juliana Woodworth appears in probate court. Judge Susan Fowler, Judge of Probate, signs two orders for presumption of death certificates for Grace Canto Reapp and Grace Noel Reapp.

OCTOBER 5-8, 1998 - The State of Vermont, along with the Vermont Police, went back for the third time to the former Reapp property in Jericho, VT, where Grace and little Gracie resided and disappeared from. They excavated the entire back yard (including the area of the former chicken coop), coming up empty again.

JUNE, 1999 – Juliana Woodworth receives a telephone call from Det. Sgt. Jerry Charboneau who states he has not closed the case and there may be an opportunity to get the story on AMERICA’S MOST WANTED.

FEBRUARY 1, 2000 - Detective Jerry Charboneau called Grace's sister, Juliana Woodworth, and informed her that a web site has been set up by the Vermont State Police in hopes of finding some clue regarding the disappearances of Grace, little Gracie, and especially Michael E Reapp

The URL is: Vermont State Police


MARCH 3, 2000 - Webmaster Clementine Clay is contacted by Juliana Woodworth. With hopes of helping to solve the mysteries of the disappearances, Clem immediately constructs a web page entitled "What Happened To Grace & Little Gracie?"

MARCH 23 & 24, 2000 - Juliana Woodworth once again travels to Vermont to meet with Det. Sgt. Jerry Charboneau and his supervisor, Lt. Robert White, to discuss the present status of the case as well as what can be done in the future. Also discussed were the two web sites, which have been created in hopes of gaining additional information regarding the disappearances.

MAY 1 & 2, 2000 - A specialized FBI team, assisted by the Vermont State Police, returned to the Jericho homestead that Grace and little Grace disappeared from. Using state-of-the-art remote imaging equipment at strategic areas on the property, they spent two full days there.

JULY & AUGUST 2000 - Online contacts and friends email hundreds of individuals, organizations, businesses and locations, attaching Michael Reapp's photograph, inquiring if he has been seen in their area. Numerous responses are received and investigated.

AUGUST 11, 2000 - Juliana Woodworth and Clem receive an email from a medium, Frances Hollis-Powles, who lives in Great Britain and is a LOTH sister of Clem's. She offers to help, her kind and most generous offer is accepted, and we immediately begin to diligently work with her.

OCTOBER 18, 2000 - Frances Hollis-Powles, after many emails and telephone calls with Juliana Woodworth, forwards a map via the Internet, indicating a Vermont location where she feels evidence and perhaps Grace and little Gracie's bodies are housed. Juliana Woodworth, her husband, Dewey, and her son, Christopher, along with Grace's Vermont friends and neighbors, begin to plan a physical search in Jericho and they schedule it for Saturday, October 28, 2000.

OCTOBER 23 & 24, 2000 - Law enforcement officials again arrive at the Jericho homestead with an excavator to comb specific areas of the property, performing another extensive dig in search of the bodies.

OCTOBER 27, 2000 - Juliana, with her husband, Dewey, and her son, Christopher, depart for Jericho, VT, where they will meet the search team in an attempt to locate evidence and the remains of Grace and little Gracie. Equipped with the detailed map drawn by the well-known international medium, Frances Hollis-Powles, their hopes are high.

OCTOBER 29, 2000 - Each member of the search team has returned home after finding an area that looks extremely promising. However, due to inclement weather conditions, the search was aborted. Plans are to return in the future, after the winter ground thaws, with a cadaver dog to see if he can pick up any scents.

JUNE 3, 4 & 5, 2001 – Juliana, her husband Dewey, and her son Chris, travel from Connecticut to the airport in Vermont where they meet international psychic Frances Hollis Powles and her husband, Keith. The Powles have traveled from Wales in the United Kingdom in hopes that Frances, by physically visiting the area and the marital homestead, will be able to secure additional information regarding Grace and little Gracie's disappearances and the whereabouts of their bodies. The trip was extremely positive and successful with much accomplished and great headway made.

OCTOBER 29, 30, 31, 2001 - Juliana and her husband, Dewey, again travel from CT to Vermont for the extensive dig performed by the Vermont State Police and the F.B.I. Crime Unit of the two-car garage that her brother-in-law, Michael Reapp, added to the side of the house during the year following Grace's and little Gracie's disappearances. After a two-day dig, they did not find any remains. At this time, we are going to re-group and decide what the next step will be, if, in fact, there will be a next step for the law-enforcement agencies. I, personally, will NEVER stop searching for my sister and niece so we will continue on, hoping tomorrow will bring answers.

AUGUST 4, 5, 2003 – Detective Jerry Charboneau returned to Grace and little Gracie’s Jericho, Vermont home to renew the search for Grace and little Gracie. Four air scent dog/handler teams from New England K-9 Search & Rescue who are also certified for cadaver recovery searched the area for two days.

DECEMBER 8, 2003 - Yet another tragedy for the family of my sister, Grace. Brian, her only surviving child's wife, Lucinda Reapp, age 34, was fatally injured in a motor vehicle accident on her way home from work. She leaves Brian and 3 children, Brian Michael, Ashley and Luke.

OCTOBER 30, 2004 - Juliana and her husband, Dewey, travel yet again to Vermont. This time they meet with Kelly Reardon, a reporter for WPTZ Channel 5 News in Burlington, VT. The objective of this visit was to be interviewed about Grace and Little Gracie's disappearance and to try to make some sense of the number of missing persons in VT for an upcoming segment to be aired November 16th and 17th. We both left with a feeling that the interview was fruitful and we hope that something may come of it.


JULY 12, 2006 - Juliana and Dewey relocate to Florida to help Brian with his children.

JUNE 22, 2006 - Finally after 28 years I have learned today that The State of Vermont has issued an arrest warrant for Michael E. Reapp in the death of my sister and her daughter. One (1) count of first degree murder and one (1) count of second degree murder. This is a happy day for our family. Maybe now we can get this horrible issue resolved and I can learn "What Really Happened to Grace and Little Gracie". July 15, 2006 - America's Most Wanted finally did a segment on my former brother-in-law, Michael Eugene Reapp. Hopefully with this worldwide attention we can finally bring him in.


OCTOBER 6, 2009 - Juliana Woodworth receives a phone call from a gentleman in Tuscan, AZ stating that he thinks that a man by the name of David Jewell may be in fact, Michael Reapp. He found his picture on America's Most Wanted. I notified the Vermont State Police along with the US Marshals who went to work on trying to properly identify this gentleman. On October 21, 2009 I received a phone call from Sgt. Ed Meslin stating that the gentleman was NOT Michael Reapp. Another blown for our family. We were hoping that this time it was him.

NOVEMBER 4, 2009 - I was notified by Sgt Ed Meslin that they were draining the pond that was in the rear of the homestead that my sister and her family lived in in Vermont in hopes they may find her remains. On November 14, 2009 I received an email from the Vermont State Police stating that they eliminated the pond this past Thursday. We did find a bullet, shot gun shell, doll's head, a 35mm camera but not what we were looking for. The current homeowner signed a permission to search his land this past Friday. Vermont State Police and the archaeologists are going back and we are going to core sample the entire property. Another blow for our family.

JANUARY 25, 2010 - WOW what a big day. A FBI agent came here this afternoon to take a swab from Me and my nephew, Brian, in hopes of putting it into the data bank and see if they can find his father who is wanted for the murder of my sister and her daughter and my DNA in case their is a Jane Doe out there. Worked 31 years for this......... NOW WE WAIT AND HOPE......

JUNE 7, 2010 - I received a call from The Vermont State Police today on the, 32nd anniversary of their missing, and they informed me that they had found my brother in law, Michael E. Reapp.  The next thing he told me was that he was deceased.  Bitter Sweet for myself and my family because I thought the only way to find Grace and Little Gracie was to find him.  Now to the rest of the story.

Michael has been deceased since January 10, 1997.  He was involved in an armed carjacking in Arizona where shots were fired and Michael ran with  law enforcement on his tail.  When police got close Michael shot himself, committing suicide.  He has been listed as a John Doe since that date until an FBI Agent that I have been working with was determined to find him.  They have confirmed his identity thru fingerprints taken at the time of the autopsy and an FBI Agent came to our home today with pictures of the deceased and Brian and I concurred that this John Doe was in fact, Michael E. Reapp.

There are still some unanswered questions like how come it took 13 years.  He was listed as a “Missing Person” in October of 1996, three months before he killed himself.  How come the fingerprints weren’t found or on "file" at that time?  Who dropped the ball?    It was some kind of “Administrative Error”.  That is what they are telling me.  Just great. I have told my children and Brian knows.  I guess we have some closure but not the one that I wanted to hear. Hopefully this is not the end of the story.

OCTOBER 1, 2010 – Happy 65th birthday Grace.  I love you and miss you so much…RIP

OCTOBER 4, 2010 – I was notified that they will be working at my sister’s old homestead next week starting on Monday for the entire week. They have rented a backhoe for Tuesday-Wednesday and will do some digging, probing, etc.

OCTOBER 9, 2010 – I was informed today by Det Sgt Ed Meslin that they have completed their work on the former homestead of my sister’s. They took 1600 core samples, numerous holes were dug with an excavator and nothing was located.  They are going to go back before end of month to do a small section around the back deck.

OCTOBER 25, 2011 – It’s been over a year now since they have been back to the old homestead and still nothing.  I still don’t know where my sister, Grace and her daughter, Little Gracie are buried.  They haven’t gone back due to budget cuts and also because it’s a cold case.  Will I ever know where they are?????

MAY 1, 2012 – I received a call from Guy Storrs who works for “The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  He said he got my phone number from Det Ed Meslin.  He wanted to know if Brian and I would be willing to allow someone to come to us to swab for our DNA in hopes that we may find “Little Gracie”.  I said the FBI already has our DNA but there would be no problem to do it again if necessary.  I am waiting to hear from Mr. Storrs with an update. Below is an age progression photo of what “Little Gracie” might look today at the age of 39 years.

"Little Gracie"


MAY 1, 2013 - OMG can my life get anymore in an upheavel. I received word today that Michael Reapp's father, Ben Reapp, 87 years old, has been charged with the murder of his wife, Wanda, 25 years ago. Like father like son.

Brevard Grand Jury indicts husband 25 years after wife's death.


Nearly 25 years after a Brevard County woman was killed, her husband was set to stand trial in her cold murder case. The suspect, 87-year-old Benjamin Reapp is dead.
Eyewitness News learned this may not be the final chapter in Wanda Reapp's murder case because investigators believe Benjamin Reapp did not act alone.
Benjamin Reapp reported that he and his wife were the victims of a kidnapping Friday, Aug. 26, 1988.
"His explanation throughout the whole process was that he and his wife were kidnapped by an unknown black male at a donut shop on U.S. 1 in Cocoa," assistant state attorney Michael Hunt said.
From there, Reapp said his wife was brutally murdered and her body disposed of in a canal.
Hunt said the evidence suggested Benjamin Reapp's involvement in his at the time 52-year-old wife's murder.
"He said things that were inconsistent with the physical evidence," Hunt said.
The agent on the cold case, Joe Martin, said there was a motive for the murder.
"It was financial gain through the homes, through insurance," Martin said.
Martin is also convinced someone else was involved.
When he interviewed Benjamin Reapp before his death, Reapp never made any direct admissions.
Martin said Reapp did speak to a prosecution witness about someone else involved in his wife's murder.
Martin said that would imply Reapp had first-hand knowledge of his wife's murder.
"He was a principal (witness) in the murder of Wanda Reapp and we were desirous of knowing who assisted him. And we may never know," Martin said.
Assistant state attorney Michael Hunt said Friday his office will never give up trying.
At the time of his death, Reapp was serving a 3-year sentence for committing a lewd and lascivious act on a child under the age of 12.

And it continues and I will never stop until the remain of my sister and her daughter are found.

OCTOBER 23, 2014

HNGN TRUE CRIME FEATURE: Where are Brian Reapp's Mother and Sister? Crime Contributor Jon Leiberman Reports on the 36-year-old Jericho, VT, Double Murder Mystery

JUNE 6, 2016 - Another year has passed still nothing. My heart aches each day no knowing where you and Gracie are, this is the worse.  You are in all our hearts and much loved.  RIP I love you very much.

FEBRUARY 10, 2017 - Little Gracie you would have been 43 years old today.  You are so missed by me...

APRIL 29, 2017 - Today in the mail I received a letter from National Center for Missing & Exploited Children with an   updated Age Progressed photo of Little Grace. She would have been 43 years old. 




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